State: Alabama
City: Ardmore
Zip code: 35739
Type: Pets

I have 2-very sweet dogs-,that needs a good home. Both is 1 year old and she Loves kids,but just don't like cats. She was born in the house on June 4th ,so she just truned 1 year old. NO FIGHTING AND NO CHAINS!!!!!!!!!!! We treat all our dogs like they are family!!!!!
I have had a stroke and I just cant take care of them any longer and I WILL not take them to the pound. I don't want to take them to the pound,but Im going to have to if NO ONE wants them. And you
know what will happen to them,they will be put to death.(And that is not RIGHT) Please someone out there that cares for pits, please call me. Te big white dog (with brown on him) is the Dad to the white puppy. . Someone please help us,and take one or two of these great dogs. I don't want to take them to the pound, they will put them down.(And that is not right)
Thanks for looking and GOD Blessed.
They both had there shots.
The female is outside and on the bed and the male is standin in the kictchen, waitin for supper.